Private Events

Private Event Policies

Advance Planning

Rental requests will be accepted one month to two years in advance of the event date. Contracts can be signed as early as one year before event date. To place a hold on the venue space, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit holds the building space and guarantees the client first right of refusal for all ballrooms. Upon contracting your event, the deposit will be applied to your rental fee.


All guests must adhere to the rules and regulations of the building. Any client seeking to use Peabody Opera House for a private event will assume full responsibility for the conduct of all persons attending the event.


Cancellation fees may be applied in the event a contracted Private Event is canceled. If a Client cancels their Event within 90 days of the Event date, you will be required to pay a Cancellation Fee in the following manner:

Number of Days Prior to Event That Client Cancels  Applicable Cancellation Fee
0-30 days 100% of estimated Event Price
31-60 days  75% of estimated Event Price
61-90 days 50% of estimated Event Price
91 days or more 25% of estimated Event Price


Camera Policy

Camera policies vary by event and are determined solely at the discretion of the show and are subject to change. Selfie sticks are not permissible pursuant to our weapons policy. Scottrade Center defines professional lens cameras as a digital SLR with a detachable lens. A digital SLR camera with a detachable lens will never be permitted at Scottrade Center. For Blues games, concerts, other sporting events, and family shows – pocket sized digital / still cameras are permitted, unless the show has a specific camera policy. Video cameras are prohibited. The usage of tablets such as an iPad/iPad Mini for photos or as a video camera is never permitted. Unauthorized or prohibited photography of an event may result in film or videotape being confiscated by show representatives. In all cases, the resale of photography or video is strictly prohibited. For details regarding the camera policy for a specific event, please call 314-622-2583.

Catering Service Staff

Guests to catering staff ratio is one server per 20 guests for plated meal functions and one server per 40 guests at buffet functions. This is for service at rounds of 10 and 12. Request for additional staffing are subject to labor fees. Additional labor charges may apply for any event taking place on a holiday.


Decorations are permitted for rental events. However, all decorations need to be approved by a Peabody Opera House Event Manager prior to the event. Signs and decorations may not be attached to any surface within the facility. Helium balloons are not allowed in the Grand Lobby, Main Theater and hallways of the building. Candles should be in secure holders or with surrounding glassware. Confetti and glitter may not be used within Peabody Opera House.

Facility Access Time

All outside vendors need to be approved by the Manager of Special Events. Vendors may have access to the facility two hours prior to the event start time. It is the client's responsibility to have the vendor contact the Peabody Opera House Event Manager as soon as possible. Equipment breakdown and removal must be completed one hour after the end of the event. Peabody Opera House is not responsible for overnight storage of items left by vendors.

Food and Beverage Pricing

The food and beverage menu must be guaranteed within 14 days of the event. All food and beverage selections are subject to a 21% service charge and 8.491% State of Missouri sales tax and 1.5% tourism tax. Events over 1000 guests may require specialized menus that our culinary staff will customize for your event.

Food Tastings

Complimentary tasting for seated and served event packages are provided for 2 guests upon receipt of a signed contract and deposit. Tastings are available by appointment only. Tasting may be scheduled Monday – Thursday 10:30am – 3:30pm. Consult with your event planner for a mutually convenient time.

Guarantee Policy

Peabody Opera House requires a 14 business day final Food and Beverage menu selection and initial attendance guarantee. Final guarantees on attendance must be received within seven business days. Final guarantee cannot deviate more than 20% from the initial attendance guarantee. After this time, full charges will be incurred for all reductions or cancellations made. The client will be charged the food and beverage guarantee provided regardless if attendance falls below the final guarantee. Should the attendance be higher than the guarantee, the client will be charged for the actual attendance. For guarantees not received, original estimates will be used for charges.

All groups over 1,000 guests require a final Food and Beverage menu selection and initial attendance guarantee 30 days prior to the event. Final guarantees on attendance must be received within 14 business days. Final guarantee cannot deviate more than 20% from the initial attendance guarantee.


Peabody Opera House is not responsible for any damage or loss of articles within our premises.

Outside Food & Beverage

The exclusive caterer of Peabody Opera House must provide all food and beverage within the facility, unless authorized. Food and beverage may only be consumed within the areas leased by the client. As a note, Pepsi is the exclusive soda distributor for Peabody Opera House, including but not limited to all fountains and built-in or floating bars.

Over-Set Policy

Peabody Opera House caterer will provide a 5% over-set or 30 guests over-set maximum.


An allotment of parking spaces may be granted to the client in the purchased event package. It is at the discretion of the client to determine who will have access to the allotted spaces. Additional parking spaces maybe reserved. Valet parking and shuttle services are available and may be arranged for an additional fee.


A non-refundable $3,000 deposit for all facility rentals, applicable toward the total rental cost, food and beverage, is required no later than 14 business days from the contract date. Two other event deposits will also be required during the billing cycle, from the contract date, one at 40% of the total cost and another at 60% of the total cost. The remaining payment in full for the facility, food and beverage is due seven business days prior to the event date. In the event your total cost exceeds the total estimate paid, the difference will be due and processed on the day your event was reserved.

Responsible Alcohol Service

The legal drinking age in Missouri is 21. If you are 30 years old or younger, valid identification will be required to be served. Acceptable ID’s are: driver's license, military ID with photo, state ID with photo, or passport. No more than two (2) alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone per transaction. No “shots” under any circumstances, for any event will be served. Peabody Opera House practices responsible alcohol service, and therefore reserves the right to close the bar at any time. Standard policy is to close the bar 15 minutes prior to the conclusion of the event. Peabody Opera House is responsible for the administration, distribution and service of all alcoholic beverages in compliance with existing liquor laws. It is mandatory that all liquors, wines and beers be supplied and served by Peabody Opera House.


Any changes, revisions, additions or deletions to the facility or banquet contract event orders shall be signed by all parties on the detailed invoice after signing the original contract.


Smoking is not permitted inside the building, or within fifteen feet of the entrances.

Note: All policies and conditions are subject to change without notice.